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Whether it's a new build or the comprehensive renovation of an existing property - you should not compromise when it comes to heat generation and hot water production. With the modern THERMA V air/water heat pump system from LG, you have an efficient and powerful solution that can convince you all round. Thanks to the latest developments and the advanced inverter technology, THERMA V by LG is considered a future-oriented system with a sustainability factor. With THERMA V, you can perform many different heating tasks quickly and effectively. Generating hot water is just as easy as operating an underfloor heating system. And because LG is convinced of its THERMA V product in every respect, there is a 5-year guarantee on the units! So you are always on the safe side.

Save money and protect the environment - with THERMA V

THERMA V by LG convinces with two of the probably most important concerns of our time: cost efficiency and climate friendliness. Compared to conventional heating systems of the conventional design, you save up to 50 % heating energy with THERMA V! This means you do something good for the environment and at the same time reduce the expenses for heating your home. In view of the high savings potential, the purchase of this modern LG system pays for itself after just a few years. THERMA V is designed in such a way that neither a chimney nor a boiler is required. On top of that, you save a considerable amount of money on installation costs. There is also no need to keep fuel in stock. Maintenance and regular measurement of flue gas quantities are also not an issue.

Take advantage of subsidy opportunities!

Since the CO2 emissions of the THERMA V heating system from LG are extremely low, there is the possibility of government subsidies. The federal and state governments promote the purchase of this modern and environmentally friendly heat pump technology with tax benefits. For example, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) grants a subsidy if you replace an existing heating system with a system for the use of renewable energies. For a THERMA V heat pump, you can apply for a subsidy of at least 1,300 EUR, provided your heat pump system achieves an annual performance factor (APR) of at least 3.5. You also have the option of applying for further subsidies such as an efficiency bonus, a boiler replacement bonus, a so-called heat network bonus or a renewable combination bonus. Information on the necessary requirements can be obtained from BAFA.

Powerful for new construction and renovation

The THERMA V system from LG is an optimal heating solution for your new building. Thanks to the modern inverter technology, which is well thought out down to the last detail, you can heat or cool efficiently with low flow temperatures on both a monobloc and split basis. And up to four times more so than a classic heating system!

The reason for this is the use of outside air energy. Because THERMA V heat pumps from LG draw on the ambient air as a heat source. Even at very low temperatures, a lot of energy can be extracted from this ambient air, which is then used to heat your house or flat. Here, the electricity needed to drive the heat pump is not used to generate heat per se, but is only used to transport the heat. By combining the basic heat pump principle with inverter technology, THERMA V systems can achieve coefficients of performance (COP) of 4.10 to 4.50. This means that you can heat your home or apartment with only 1 kW. This means that with only 1 kW of electricity you get more than 4 kW of heat energy! The energy consumption is thus lower than with other heating systems such as gas or oil boilers or electric convection heaters.

By the way: If you want to renovate instead of building a new house, this is no problem either: THERMA V can be connected to existing heating systems perfectly! You can easily connect the unit to an existing central heating system (gas or oil heating). In principle, no changes have to be made to the old system.

Always the best climate - thanks to the LG inverter technology of the THERMA V!

With the THERMA V, LG's innovative inverter technology really comes into its own. With it, you can always ensure the best climate in your living space. A special control influences the speed of the compressor and adjusts it to the respective power requirement. There is no need for annoying manual adjustments. Instead, you can always keep the temperature at a constant level. If the outside temperature drops, THERMA V increases the output fully automatically - and reduces it when it gets warmer again.

With all this, you heat and cool with just one unit! Using fan coil units, you can even achieve a very effective temperature reduction in summer within a building.

Simple to install, quick to use

The THERMA V system uses a compact outdoor unit and an easy-to-install indoor unit. The connection between the outdoor and indoor units is made through a cooling pipe. No time-consuming drilling or earthworks are necessary. With THERMA V, you can fully achieve the need for comprehensive air conditioning in your home. Should the outside temperature drop below the normally expected values at certain times, an additional heating support takes over. This way, you do not have to expect any unpleasant surprises in terms of climate.

Please note: The maximum possible distance between the indoor and outdoor units of the THERMA V system is 50 metres and the maximum height difference is 30 metres. Parallel cooling and heating of different indoor units is not possible.

Sophisticated emergency system

The THERMA V from LG has a sophisticated emergency system: the heat supply is maintained in the event of an unexpected malfunction. Two safety levels apply:

- Level 1: Minor malfunction without shutdown: You should promptly call a technician to check the system.

- Stage 2: Critical fault: The outdoor unit of the THERMA V system is automatically shut down and heat is now generated via switched-on electric heaters of the hydraulic module.

THERMA V by LG - What it includes

LG's THERMA V system consists of a number of integrated components that ensure everything runs smoothly. For example, the air-cooled compressor-condenser unit is installed outdoors as an outdoor unit. The inverter-controlled compressor regulates the output. A galvanised sheet steel housing with electrostatically applied polyester paint protects the high-quality system from corrosion. The entire control system of the outdoor unit is housed in a sturdy box. Thanks to the built-in heat pump circuit, the unit can be used for both cooling and heating. Due to the fact that the air intake is not only at the front but also at the rear, it is possible to position several outdoor units next to each other to save space. The air outlet is always to the front.

Another important and elementary component of the THERMA V system is the two-part high-performance heat exchanger. This consists of a copper tube with aluminium fins attached and is optimised for the refrigerant R410A. The aluminium fins have a gold-coloured coating at the factory (so-called Gold-Fin), which protects the unit very well against corrosion and dirt.

The system also includes the fan motor. This is operated with direct current and is called the THERMA V inverter axial fan. It is statically as well as dynamically balanced and therefore does not cause any significant noise. The fully hermetic inverter scroll compressor, which is also built into the system, comes with integrated motor protection and a high-pressure switch, and is equipped with a so-called oil sump heater, which prevents the accumulation of liquid refrigerant.

Finally, the refrigerant circuit is factory-dried, evacuated and pre-charged with R410A refrigerant or oil. An additional liquid subcooler ensures that the refrigerant is strongly subcooled so that even larger distances can be bridged. The refrigerant lines are connected via shut-off valves.

Many advantages for your satisfaction

THERMA V from LG offers you many advantages that can ensure the greatest possible satisfaction:

- High-quality all-in-one system
- Reliable even at very low outdoor temperatures
- All components of a modern heating system included
- Programme for automatic oil recirculation at partial load
- Two-stage outdoor temperature-dependent activation and control of flow and return temperature
- With plate heat exchanger, high-efficiency pump (class A) and expansion vessel
- Control via inverter technology
- Digital measurement of evaporation and condensation pressure as well as the corresponding temperature
- Regulation in case of overheating and at hot gas temperature
- Defrosting on demand
- LED display for current operating status or for errors

Außentemperatur Betriebsbereich (Kühlung):5 - 48 °C
Outdoor temperature Operating range (heating):- 20 - 30
Flow temperature Operating range (Heizung:15 - 57
Vorlauftemperatur Betriebsberich (Kühlung):6 - 30 °C
COP (A7 / A2 / A-2 / A-7):4,20 / 3,20 / 3,33 / 2,51
EER: Kühlen (A35/W18):3,18
Stromaufnahme Heizen (A7 / A2 / A-2 / A-7 / A35) in kW:3,81 / 4,25 / 4,04 / 5,29
Stromaufnahme Kühlen in kW:A35: 5,07
Heizwasseranschluss ( Rücklauf/Vorlauf):PT 25,4 mm (1") IG
Elektrischer Heizstab (Stromversorgung):Ø 3 / 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz5
Elektrischer Heizstab (Heating capacity):6
Stromversorgung:Ø 1 / 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Weight:145 kg
Mindestvolumenstrom (l/min):Min. 15
Heating capacity Heizen (A7 / A2 / A-2 / A-7) in kW:16,00 / 13,60 / 13,44 / 13,26
Heating capacity Kühlen in kW:A35: 13,26
Schalldruckpegel (Heizen) in dBA:53
Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm:1.239 x 1.450 x 390
Empfohlende Absicherung:20 A
Max. Wasserdruck:8 bar
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