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Armacell is a company that specialises in the production of technical insulation materials.
specialised in the production of technical insulating materials. Air-conditioning technology benefits from the innovative solutions in the area of
insulation, because the efficiency of a system depends to a large extent on its insulation. The
thermal and mechanical solutions are used in both the private and commercial sectors.
commercial sector.

Good connections between indoor and outdoor components
In split air-conditioning technology, the connection between the indoor and outdoor elements is a critical point.
is a critical point. Energy losses can quickly occur here. Armacell offers with the
products "Armacell Tubolit Split" and "DuoSplit" Armacell offers a highly developed solution for designing this transition
transition can be designed without energy loss. The sheathing consists of a UV-resistant
The sheathing consists of a UV-resistant foil, high-quality insulating materials and stable and reliable pipes. The
Armacell insulation is used for both split and multi-split systems.

Resource-saving solutions for your air-conditioning technology
Armacell products are now used all over the world. Over 3000 employees in 24
production facilities are committed to new developments on the market every day. In the process, the
quality, flexibility and sustainability are always in Focus.


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