Information about accessories

What accessories are required for a split air conditioning unit?

1. Refrigerant pipes (copper, insulated)
2. Control line to connect the indoor and outdoor unit
3. Condensate hose, potentially with condensate pump
4. Bracket or support for fixing or mounting the outdoor unit
5. Power cord to supply the outdoor unit with power
6. Cable duct (for laying cables and refrigerant pipes)

Are the refrigerant lines included in the scope of delivery?

The connection between the outdoor and indoor unit of an air conditioning system is made by means of a refrigerant pipe. The diameter and length of refrigerant pipe depends on the air conditioning system and the refrigerant used. No, the refrigerant lines are not included, but must be ordered separately as air conditioning accessories. The type and design of the device and manufacturer should be taken into account.

Are the refrigerant lines already pre-filled with refrigerant?

No, only the outdoor unit is pre-filled with refrigerant. Adjustment of the refrigerant depends on the distance between them and the resulting required line length. As a result, it is possible that even more refrigerant will have to be topped up. However, this may only be carried out by a certified air conditioning technician. He can also take care of other air conditioning accessories.
LG up to 7.5 metres
Daikin up to 10 metres
Mitsubishi up to 7 metres
Samsung up to 5 metres


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