The most important information about cooling and temperature

What is meant by the term "cooling capacity"?

The term cooling capacity is used to describe the amount of warm air that is converted into more comfortable temperatures by an air conditioning system in a room. As in the case of other household appliances, cooling capacity within one hour is used as reference for air conditioner. One kilowatt is the unit used for measuring cooling capacity. Cooling capacity gives vital indication of whether an air conditioning system is suitable for a room in an apartment or rather for a hall.

Which reference values should be considered regarding the cooling capacity of your own air conditioning system?

The most important indicators for selection of an air conditioner include first the maximum amount of air within an enclosed space. To calculate this, simply multiply the floor area of the room by the ceiling height. In addition to this value, other factors - such as objects that radiate heat within a room - must also be considered. In addition to the residents, this also includes electrical appliances that heat up during use and release heat to the environment. A third factor is penetrating sunray. In the case of rooms with large windows facing south, it is necessary to assume more hours of sunshine in order to really create a pleasant indoor climate. For example:
A room has a volume of 42 m. Due to increased solar radiation resulting from numerous windows, the required cooling capacity is 40-times the room volume. Converted, this gives 42 x 40 = 1680 watts per hour.

Tips for choosing the right room temperature

Selection of the desired room temperature strongly depends on the perception of the people in the room. If this is office space, it is best to agree on a constant average value, which does not pose a danger to blood circulation when leaving the building, even in hotter conditions. Temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees are perceived as pleasant by the majority of people, so that even when there are many people in a room, no conflicts arise due to the temperature.

More good reasons for buying an air conditioning system

Modern air conditioning systems not only ensure a pleasant room climate at warm temperatures, but also regulate air humidity. The more it is constantly at 50%, the easier it is for the blood circulation system to get used to the artificially generated temperatures of an air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems can also be used in the middle of the summer, as the technology can guarantee the set temperatures even with very warm surrounding air.


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