Information on energy values, costs and noise db(A)

How much power do air conditioners consume?

Power consumption depends on the selected model. All appliances are divided into energy efficiency classes ranging from A to G. This value should definitely be taken into account when making the purchase decision, as it provides information on power consumption. This information is mandatory. Air conditioners with energy efficiency class A are particularly efficient and energy-saving. The better the energy efficiency class, the lower the power consumption.

Air conditioners are considered power guzzlers - is this true?

Well-known, high-quality manufacturers develop advanced, environmentally friendly and energy-saving air conditioning units that meet the environmental conditions and operate in an energy-saving manner. It cannot be generalized that all air conditioners are power guzzlers, because the operating costs of modern air conditioners are low. An air conditioning system with about 2000 watts of cooling power consumes about 440 watts per hour. If this is in operation for five hours a day, the power cost amounts to about 20 cents per day. In general, the cost for a modern 1000 watt device amounts to approximately 36 euros and a 2000 watt - 72 euros per year. A mobile air conditioner does not have to consume a lot of electricity if the right device is chosen. It is often the case that when the price of an air conditioner is very low, power consumption is often quite high.

SEER and SCOP - what do these values mean?

EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and COP (Coefficient of Performance) are used to determine energy efficiency classes. The EER value describes the ratio between power consumption and cooling capacity. The COP value indicates the respective ratio for the heating mode. The S in front of the values stands for "seasonal" and therefore illustrates the annual average value. With an EER of 4.2,
for example, one KW of electricity generates around 4.2 KW of cooling power, which corresponds to an energy efficiency of 420%.

Do I have to take into consideration follow-up costs when purchasing an air conditioning system?

The use of an air conditioning system is associated with both purchase and operating costs. Depending on the size and type of the device, the cost can vary considerably. Moreover, another cost item is the maintenance of the air conditioning system by a specialist, the cost of which depends on the size and complexity of the unit. In the best case, this can increase energy efficiency. Small air conditioners require less maintenance. It is recommended every two to three years and in the case of larger air conditioning systems - at least once a year.

Is the noise level of air conditioners high?

A certain noise level is simply a given. The components that are responsible for the noise are the compressor and fan, which are necessary for operation. Modern split air conditioners produce hardly any noise because the compressor is outside of the room, while mobile air conditioners are much louder. Monoblock air conditioners are louder than split units. When buying the device, attention should therefore be paid to the noise level, because noise means stress. It is expressed in dB/A. The lower the value, the quieter the air conditioning system works. For orientation:
- 10 decibels: breathing or rustling leaf
- 30 decibels: very quiet room or ticking of a wristwatch
- 40 decibels: whisper or soft music
- 55 decibels: rain, quiet conversation or refrigerator
65 decibels: normal conversation or TV at room volume
- 70 decibels: vacuum cleaner or kettle
- 75 decibels: washing machine spinning
- 80 decibels: loud speech or piano playing
- 85 decibels: main road
- 90 decibels: chamber concert
or banging of doors - 95 decibels: wood milling machine
- 110 decibels: chainsaw


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