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Our manufacturer KAISAI produces sophisticated air conditioners that not only meet all customer expectations in terms of energy efficiency
in terms of energy efficiency, safety and comfort, but also exceed them.
exceed them. We have KAISAI wall-mounted units in various performance classes in our range, which are suitable
which are suitable for both commercial and private use. The devices are
equipped with WLAN as standard. Furthermore, the manufacturer also sells multi-split air conditioners in the CAC segment.
segment, the manufacturer also sells multi-split air-conditioning units, cassette units and floor-standing and ceiling-mounted units.

Why buy a KAISAI air conditioner?
KAISAI uses inverter technology in the development and construction of its air conditioners.
This technology contributes significantly to reducing the power consumption and thus the costs for operating the air conditioners.
costs for the operation of the air conditioners. The inverter technology also has a positive effect on
on quickly reaching the desired temperature. Thanks to the WLAN standard, the
KAISAI units can be conveniently controlled via APP from all over the world.

Energy savings of up to 80%
The KAISAI brand stands for the development of reliable and modern air-conditioning appliances that save up to
save up to 80% energy thanks to innovative technology. Thanks to years of development, the
air-conditioning units are now considered to be among the most innovative solutions in the field of air-conditioning.


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