Heat pumps

LG Therma V

Therma is the latest heat pump system from LG. It is an...

Mitsubishi Ecodan

Mitsubishi's Ecodan air-to-water heat pumps are among the...

Panasonic Aquarea

With Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps, you are choosing a...

Daikin Altherma

Daikin Altherma is a low-temperature air-to-water heat pump that...

Heat pumps

In view of rising energy prices and the growing demands on the energy efficiency of a house, heat pumps are the technology of the future. Heat pumps work on the same principle as a refrigerator, only in reverse. They extract heat from their environment and release it downstream to the building's radiators. This allows you to reduce the supply of external energy or even save it altogether.

The energy sources for the heat pump are the ambient air, the ground and the groundwater. They use the heat that is already available and conserve fossil resources. Heat pumps are suitable for almost all types of buildings - from private homes to large office complexes. Once installed, good heat pumps are virtually maintenance-free. As a result, and due to the energy costs saved, the purchase of a heat pump usually pays for itself within a short time.


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